Perioperative Solutions

With the cost of operating room time ranging between $20-60 per minute, wasted time in the OR affects procedure cost, throughput, and staff morale—resulting in lower contribution margins. The Accelero Perioperative Advantage program is designed to eliminate waste in the OR reducing the cost of care and opening capacity for additional cases.

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Accelero uses our patented Success Factor Scoring tools and proprietary hospital database to assess the perioperative process for your orthopedic procedures and create achievable benchmarks for high impact areas, including:

  • OR utilization
  • Scheduling and block utilization
  • First case starts
  • Operative times
  • Room and surgeon turnover times
  • Use of parallel rooms
  • Supplies and materials
  • Case cart fulfillment consistency

Accelero’s team utilizes lean methodologies to reduce costs, add consistency and reduce the overall time required for orthopedic procedures.  The result, in many cases, is to enable more surgeries in the same or less time.  Hospitals benefit through improved contribution margins, higher throughput, less overtime, and improved staff morale.  Surgeons enjoy the benefit of more procedures and a more efficient use of their time.  Most importantly, patients appreciate a more efficient and predictable process.