Outpatient Joint Advantage

Accelero offers our Outpatient Joint Advantage program to help you to create a market-leading outpatient joint replacement program to take advantage of market trends.  We create processes to cover the entire care continuum, build a market presence for your outpatient joint replacements and align your services with the payer community for maximum benefit.

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We help you to create the right delivery model for your center and your surgeons. Our guidance on creating a program structure is designed to get the right people together with the right information to quickly implement and improve the program.


Accelero helps you to define and manage the care model for outpatient joint replacements, from 30 days prior to 90 days after surgery, to ensure an effective program across the entire episode of care. We collaborate with clinical and operational leaders to develop postoperative treatment processes to include: pain management protocols, home care provider requirements and post-discharge follow-up so you can provide a seamless transition from surgery through recovery.


To ensure your programs continues to improve requires you to know your metrics at all times. Accelero helps you to institute the collection process for clinical, operational, functional and patient satisfaction outcomes so you can effective manage your performance for long term success.


To create a high volume joint replacement program requires the development and execution of a strategic plan for your unique market. We help you to define your market and the impending opportunity, create unique brand messaging, increase your online presence and promote your program to the community and referral sources through a targeted plan.


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