We have all seen the effects of the Accountable Care Act.  Numerous CMS and payer programs have placed a greater emphasis on outcomes and re-admissions.  Additionally, program and physician reviews and ratings are readily available on the internet for everyone to see.  Hospital information typically includes outcomes information along with other subjective information.  Doctor-specific sitesRead More

Las Vegas, NV.  As part of the AAOS 2015 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, Joe Tomaro, PhD, General Manager of Accelero Health Partners, was one of four lecturers presenting, Evolving Healthcare Delivery and Payment Systems:  Attempts to Visualize into the “Crystal Ball”.  The course was designed to educate orthopedic surgeons on the trends andRead More

The OR is the lifeblood of the hospital where unused OR time is opportunity lost.  Surgeons are critical to driving and fulfilling demand.  Ensuring your surgeons are highly efficient is a win for all parties involved.  So, the question looms, “What do orthopedic surgeons need the most in order to be successful?” To better understandRead More

Innovative surgeons have been performing short-stay hip and knee procedures for many years.   That being said, outpatient joint replacement surgery volumes are still small–with the lack of reimbursement coverage as only one reason.  Questions about surgical technique, assistive technologies, recovery protocols, and patient selection also remain. What is a surgeon to do? Should you waitRead More

In 2014, Medicare reduced the surgeon fees for hip and knee replacements as follows: TKA from $1553 in 2013 to $1325 in 2014.  A 14.6% decrease. THA from $1453 in 2013 to $1325 in 2014.  An 8.8% decrease.  What does that mean to you? For surgeons, it means you have to perform an additional 30-50Read More

HealthLeaders Media published a survey of 792 healthcare leaders to gain their insights into concerns and opportunities for 2014.  As expected, the majority of leaders are concerned with flat to declining reimbursement and, a distant second, consolidation.  To counteract these issues leadership is most focused on cost reductions and hospital-physician relationships.  I have outlined aRead More

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