Bundled Payment Solutions

Government and commercial payers alike have made major shifts away from the traditional volume-based, fee-for-service reimbursement models and toward bundled payment; especially in the area of joint replacement. Improving care transitions, quality metrics, and patient satisfaction requires a higher level of clinical team alignment, operational transformation, and cultural change than ever before. Accelero has been helping facilities across the country improve their readiness and performance in bundled payment programs.

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Decreasing Post-Discharge Costs

For many facilities, high variability in post-discharge costs represents the most relevant opportunity to provide the best care at the lowest possible costs. Below are some elements that Accelero is helping hospitals utilize the right amount of post-discharge care:

  • Establish patient discharge expectations
  • Align order sets and care pathways with hospital discharge goals
  • Establish relationships with post-discharge providers and ensure care process expectations are aligned

Preventing Readmissions

Avoiding costly readmissions requires the right processes and can significantly shift the bundled payment scenarios in your favor. Accelero provides expert resources, proven processes, and innovative tools to prevent unnecessary readmissions.

Improving Quality Scores

Most bundled payment programs include a provision that adjusts reimbursement through a quality composite score.  Accelero provides onsite expertise to reduce complications and improve the overall patient experience.

Achieving Internal Cost Savings

While traditional internal cost savings do not impact the reconciliation/repayment risk scenario in most bundled payment programs, providers need to continue maximizing their anchor admission margin through cost savings measures.  Accelero can help you look beyond supply chain initiatives to operational areas that offer higher value like perioperative and acute care efficiencies.