Assessment and Data Analytics

Assessing The Performance

After working with hundreds of musculoskeletal programs across the country and internationally, we know the clinical and operational factors that improve patient care and increase financial margins. We input your hospital’s data into OrthoVal ®, our proprietary business intelligence tool, in order to evaluate trends and identify the factors that can improve your performance.

Evaluating Effectiveness And Maturity

Accelero has defined over 300 elements that are the key to effective service line management. The success factors reveal where your strengths and opportunities reside, and importantly, the strategies and tactics needed to drive advancement and improvement in each area.

Defining The Market

Each market has its own unique dynamics and stakeholders. We perform a custom evaluation of the market forces and data to determine your market position, define the opportunities and leverage current strengths. This allows us to provide you with a clear direction on what your musculoskeletal service line program needs to create differentiation and achieve growth in your defined market.

On-site Observation And Interviews

Accelero’s team of experts will conduct an on-site evaluation of the musculoskeletal service line. This includes observation of the perioperative processes as well as preoperative and postoperative events. The team will also gather information and insights from the key stakeholders.

Developing The Plan And Presenting The Results

This information is combined into a customized plan to provide you with both insight and direction. The plan is designed to create market differentiation, improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, increase OR efficiency and throughput, expand the financial margin and grow the business.