UniPath - outpatient unicompartmental knee program

Proven strategies for implementing an outpatient unicompartmental knee program.

The Right Time

The time is right to develop a market leading unicompartmental knee program. Simply put, the current health care financing and infrastructure cannot support the demand for the projected Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) growth, and key health care stakeholders are exploring alternatives with the following benefits in mind:

  • Patients are seeking care options with quicker recovery, less pain after surgery and less blood loss.
  • Hospital and surgical facilities are competing for high volume procedures that can be delivered in an efficient and profitable manner.
  • Payers are engaging providers who can demonstrate improved patient outcomes at a lower cost.

What makes an outpatient unicompartmental knee program unique is that it offers solutions across all these key constituencies, while supporting the surgeon’s practice growth and financial goals.

Proven Strategies

The course focuses on the proven strategies to implement an outpatient unicompartmental knee program.iStock_000014458282MediumDuring this session, course faculty and surgeon leaders will discuss how an effective and efficient program can provide your practice the following benefits:

  • Improve patient outcomes and overall patient satisfaction.
  • Maximize your time and resources.
  • Grow patient volume and market share.
  • Increase your profit.

At the conclusion of this course, your team will be armed with the next steps specific to your current outpatient unicompartmental knee program, and a plan for implementing the key strategies.

Team Based Approach

The course takes a team based approach to developing a successful outpatient unicompartmental knee program. It provides a collaborative setting for orthopedic surgeons, senior administrators and operational leaders to learn and interact with market leaders and course faculty.

  • Orthopedic surgeons interested in growing practice volume and advancing patient care delivery.
  • Hospital and surgery center administrators looking to capture market share and increase profits in orthopedic services.
  • Operating room leaders seeking to improve efficiency and increase staff satisfaction.

Course Materials/Deliverables

Every attendee will receive a comprehensive binder of course materials. This turnkey binder is critical for quality implementation of the program.outpatient unicompartmental knee program

Learning Environment

The course is designed as a learning environment where participants can engage course faculty and industry experts through interactive presentations and facilitated roundtable discussions. The course addresses the key process elements that drive efficiency in the practice, surgical facility and through post-operative discharge. Beyond the process, the course offers proven strategies on patient education, patient outcomes and marketing.

  • Identify the right facility and personnel requirements.
  • Determine the anesthesia pain management protocol.
  • Align with the right home health care and physical therapy provider.
  • Project the financial return for hospital-based and freestanding ASCs.
  • Engage customers through proven marketing strategies.
  • Achieve confidence in selecting patients and diagnostics.
  • Implement the program and educate the patient.

Patient Testimonial

Expert Faculty

The course will be led by faculty leader and program architect J. Mandume Kerina. Dr. Kerina will be joined by an industry recognized team of orthopedic surgeons and program experts who have developed market leading outpatient unicompartmental knee programs across the country.

Dr. J. Mandume KerinaDr. J. Mandume Kerina - unicompartmental knee program

Dr. Kerina has perfected a protocol for delivering unicompartmental knee replacement in an outpatient setting. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who is fellowship trained in both reconstructive surgery as well as adult spine surgery. Dr. Kerina is the founder and current President of Tri-County Orthopaedic Center in Leesburg, FL. He currently serves as the Vice Chief, Department of Orthopedics at Leesburg Regional Medical Center.

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