Trends in Length of Stay for Joint Replacement Patients

Total joint replacement patients are spending less time in the hospital post operatively.  There are a number of things orthopedic programs can do to improve care and shorten the length of stay for joint replacement patients.

Total Joint Replacement Length of Stay

Click the above document to review or download

Click the above document “Trends in Length of Stay for Joint Replacement Patients” to review or download.

The Medicare geometric mean length of stay for primary major joint replacements of lower extremities has consistently declined, down to 3.0 days for FY2015.  OrthoVal, Accelero’s business intelligence tool for orthopedics, uses a database of service line information from hundreds of hospitals to benchmark program performance.  Currently, 35% of total joint replacement patients are being discharged on day three, while 55% are being discharged on day two.

Long-term Success

Leading orthopedic programs are able to reduce their length of stay while improving care and reducing re-admissions.  The result is improved program profitability.  Accelero helps orthopedic programs by increasing day two discharges, discharging more patients to home/home health and reducing the overall length of stay.  We also identify and reduce the root causes for clinical complications.

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