The Surgeon’s Advantage

Physicians_Words_500pxWhat’s keeping you up at night?  Reduced reimbursement?  Operating room inefficiencies?  Increased transparency and scrutiny?  Less control over your time and practice?  Are you working harder just to maintain the status quo?

Accelero specializes in building market-leading orthopedic programs that benefit surgeons by helping to improve care, reputation and the financial health of the service line.  If you have your own practice, we can help you there as well.

Hospital Programs

For hospital-based programs Accelero can help you by increasing procedural throughput, improving your relationship with the hospital and grow your business.

Increase OR Throughput.  We benchmark your orthopedic perioperative metrics against our proprietary database to identify areas for improvement, including: first case on time starts, room turnover, surgeon time and OR efficiency.  Our team of experts go into your OR to observe procedures, create realistic metrics, and provide time saving techniques to reduce wasted time, movements and supply costs.  The result is often one or more surgeries in the same amount of time.

Improve Hospital Relations.  Hospitals are taking a more active role in defining how you conduct your business.  Either physicians are becoming employees and/or hospitals are taking the lead in deciding who you can buy from to support your practice.  Whether it is to ensure superior outcomes, create a program management framework or work to align the surgeon and hospital goals, Accelero brings surgeons and hospitals together.  The result is better relations and program performance.

Grow Your Business.  The most recent reduction in Medicare reimbursement means the average orthopedic surgeon must perform 10% more joint replacements just to earn the same income.  To support a high volume joint replacement program requires a highly recognizable brand with a solid referral network and targeted marketing program.  Such brand recognition also includes and benefits surgeons by increasing their recognition and reputation.

Physician Practices

Accelero’s Practice Joint Care Advantage program begins with maximizing your practice performance.  Our team of experts brings the proven processes and tools to improve patient outcomes management, enhance practice efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction scores.

Market Assessment and Growth Strategy.  Knowing the market and competition is essential to growing your business.  Accelero helps you to create a marketing strategy that prioritizes and targets the best opportunities in your service area.  We help you to create a unique brand message for your practice and a cost-effective marketing plan to build awareness, promote your services, and grow your business.

Outcome, Tracking, Reporting and Leveraging.  Functional outcomes are increasingly more important to your reputation and reimbursement.  Using OrthoVal®, Accelero’s proprietary business intelligence tool, our experts will help you to define, collect and track your core functional metrics.  We then help you to improve and leverage them to advance your program.

Patient Experience.  Patient satisfaction scores are increasingly more important to your reputation and reimbursement.  Accelero helps you to establish a patient centric approach to differentiate your practice.  This includes establishing best practices and implementing them.  We help you to evaluate and use customer satisfaction surveys to improve your practice.

The Accelero Advantage

Accelero has helped over 300 hospitals create market leading orthopedic programs.  Over the past year our programs have identified or helped hospitals to realize average savings of over $1.4 million.  We have helped surgeons to add one or more procedures in the same amount of time and patients leave the hospital sooner.  Click on the links below to see actual results from our customers.

To learn more about the Surgeon’s Dilemma, click here.

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