Surgeon–Hospital Integration 101

Las Vegas, NV.  As part of the AAOS 2015 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, Joe Tomaro, PhD, General Manager of Accelero Health Partners, was one of four lecturers presenting, Evolving Healthcare Delivery and Payment Systems:  Attempts to Visualize into the “Crystal Ball”. 

The course was designed to educate orthopedic surgeons on the trends and implications of participation in Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and bundled payment programs.  Lecturers included acclaimed and nationally known orthopedic surgeons Kevin J. Bozic, MD, Paul J. Duwelius, MD and Michael Suk, MD, who discussed the payment and delivery models, challenges to provider integration, and population health management, respectively.

Joe Tomaro’s presentation, The Spectrum of Orthopaedic Surgeon Integration into Hospitals and Health Systems: What Works, What Does Not, focused on what orthopaedic surgeons need to do to survive in both today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare environment.  According to Mr. Tomaro, “New payment models are requiring greater integration between surgeons and healthcare systems to ensure better outcomes and a lower overall cost of care.  Regardless of the integration model – employment, medical directorship, co-management or joint venture – it is important to pick the proper partner.”  He then discussed the three key areas of alignment required for successful surgeon-hospital partnerships.

First, a culture that recognizes the value of orthopaedics, provides leadership and supports improvement is important for a surgeon’s long-term success.  Secondly, the proper processes need to be in place to ensure operational efficiency, sharing of data and marketing.  And finally, the hospital or health system should have a strategy in place for the orthopaedic service line that includes payers and referral sources.  Mr. Tomaro went on to discuss how surgeons can effectively evaluate potential suitors based on this criteria as well as five keys to successful co-management.

Accelero Health Partners is a results-oriented consulting firm that has helped over 300 hospitals to create market-leading orthopedic programs.  Founded in 1998 as Human Motion Institute, Accelero is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings Incorporated.  Mr. Tomaro earned his PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh.  He has worked with hospital and physician leaders to develop musculoskeletal programs in over 125 markets across the United States, Europe and the Middle East and has been the General Manager of Accelero Health Partners since 2013.

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