Assessment and Plan for Growth

The strength of our engagement model is based on the depth of our assessment.  We look at your metrics, meet with stakeholders, assess program effectiveness and evaluate the market potential to fully understand where you are today.  From there we analyze the results and create a customized plan to differentiate your program.  By prioritizing strategies and tactics, Accelero provides you with a roadmap to improve the patient experience, outcomes, perioperative throughput, financial margin, and market penetration—all necessary to accelerate growth.

Assessing Performance Metrics

Using our proprietary business intelligence database, we benchmark your program metrics against market leaders while identifying trends and variations, to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Evaluating Program Effectiveness

 Accelero has defined a series of patented Success Factors that are the key to effectively managing an orthopedic program. These success factors highlight your strengths and opportunities, along with the actions necessary to drive improvement in each area.

Defining the Market

Each market has its own unique attributes.  We map out the service area, review the data, and recognize market forces to evaluate your market position, define opportunities, and leverage strengths.

On-site Interviews and Observation

Our team of experts goes on-site to observe perioperative processes as well as preoperative and postoperative events.  We also gather information and insights from the key stakeholders, including:  hospital administration, surgeons, clinical and operational staff, and referring physicians.

Strategic Plan for Program Success

The culmination of the assessment is provided as a Service Line Development Plan designed to provide both insights and direction.  Based on key findings, we provide a step-by-step approach to improve patient experience and outcomes, increase margin for your services, create differentiation in the market, and profitably grow the business.   The plan is delivered to senior hospital administration and shared with physicians and other key stakeholders to foster cooperation.

Over the past six months, Accelero has provided assessments and plans identifying millions of dollars of savings and financial opportunity, including:

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