Strengths and Capabilities

Accelero uses a focused approach developed over years of experience.  Central to the program is our patented Success Factor Scoring methodology that helps our consultants to evaluate over 300 individual elements of your program and score them compared to the market leaders.  This serves as the basis for identifying where new processes or procedures are required.

The Accelero hospital database is a proprietary database used to benchmark your program.  Specific focus areas include orthopedic perioperative metrics, length of stay, and discharge to home.

Accelero teams use lean methodology to identify and remove waste in the form of excess or non-value add procedures, materials or supplies.  The focus is to create and document standard processes to consistently provide a high level of care with the least amount of effort.

Small process delays add up to longer lengths of stay.  Synchronizing process steps ensures patients move from one step to next in a timely manner.

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