OrthoVal Advantage

OrthoVal® is a comprehensive business intelligence tool for your orthopedic service line. It allows you to view your key performance metrics, benchmark them against market leaders and identify performance trends. From perioperative efficiency to quality of care and patient reported outcomes, OrthoVal helps you to manage your program for long-term success.

Service Line Management

OrthoVal provides you with a platform to organize all of your orthopedic program data in one place. On-demand functionality allows you to quickly view operational dashboards of your key performance metrics – simplifying clinical, operational and financial decision making. You can drill down to identify trends in clinical efficiencies, contribution margin, case volume and payer mix. If you are part of a hospital system, you can also view, compare and manage your orthopedic data across multiple hospitals.

Perioperative Performance

The perioperative suite represents a high cost center for hospitals. Although orthopedic procedures typically rank among the leaders in terms of contribution margin, they also represent an opportunity. Improving orthopedic perioperative efficiency and surgical throughput can greatly impact your balance sheet. With OrthoVal you can track and manage all of your perioperative metrics – including first case on-time starts, scheduling accuracy, OR utilization, incremental procedural times and surgeon utilization – to ensure you are maximizing your OR resources.

Quality Care

As pay-for-performance continues to increase, programs with highest quality care will be rewarded with greater financial benefit. OrthoVal allows you to uncover the variability and key drivers that impact your patient outcomes performance. It helps your team to identify the root cause of complications and focus your improvement efforts. It is particularly useful for identifying and isolating process variability, so you can ensure consistently high-quality care.

Patient Related Outcomes

Increased transparency in healthcare has placed a greater emphasis on the patient experience. OrthoVal provides a platform to launch and manage surveys for patient reported outcomes in one central location. Furthermore, it links patient experience to outcomes, providing valuable insight from from the patient’s point of view. Leading orthopedic programs use this information to initiate change and differentiate their program in the marketplace.

Profitable Growth

OrthoVal is ideal for helping you identify opportunities to improve both your margin and case volume, resulting in highly profitable growth. Managing outcomes and the cost of care helps you to improve your contribution margin for orthopedic patients. Comparing and analyzing your orthopedic case volume with the overall market by service area and clinical grouping is a requisite to improving your capture rate of new patients.

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