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Joint_Advantage_Website_Graphic2-480X350The Joint Advantage solution is provided in a modular fashion to allow customers the flexibility to select the right components, at the right time, and for the right price. In combination, our solution delivers efficiencies and best practices across the entire episode of care to improve your program’s value based performance and overall marketability. Each module is delivered by Accelero experts who collaborate onsite with your team to implement solutions and achieve a quicker time to benefit.


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Care Modules

Patient Optimization and Preparation

This module reduces variability in preoperative care across providers, and prepares and optimizes patients for a safe total joint replacement and predictable outcome.

  • Reduces variability in preoperative process
  • Improves detection of pre-exiting comorbidities
  • Decreases surgical cancellations and delays
  • Improves length of stay management
  • Decreases postoperative complications and readmissions
  • Increases patient preparedness to participate in own recovery

Patient and Coach Education

This module aligns care expectations and establishes communication between patients/coaches and providers.

  • Improves patient experience
  • Defines acute and postoperative care expectations
  • Reduces coach and caregiver issues and concerns
  • Increases patient satisfaction scores
  • Improves length of stay management
  • Decreases postoperative complications and readmissions

Order Sets and Plans of Care

This module utilizes evidence-based practices to reduce variability in postoperative care across providers, and prepares patients for a predictable care experience, discharge and outcome.

  • Improves pain management protocols
  • Improves rehabilitation care
  • Decreases unnecessary calls to physicians
  • Improves length of stay management
  • Decreases postoperative complications and readmissions

Patient Experience

This module implements a proven patient experience process, program, and amenities that will increase patient satisfaction results.

  • Aligns hospital mission and values
  • Improves patient satisfaction program scores
  • Increases word of mouth referrals
  • Enhances program marketability

Discharge Effectiveness

This module seeks to safely and effectively discharge more patients to home and home health services.

  • Decreases cost of care
  • Decreases unnecessary postoperative calls and concerns
  • Improves time to discharge effectiveness
  • Reduces unnecessary readmissions
  • Increases discharge to home/home health

Clinical Outcomes Improvement

This module utilizes data and root cause analysis to identify process and programmatic implementation initiatives that will boost clinical outcomes performance.

  • Decreases inpatient hospital complication rate
  • Improves length of stay management
  • Improves patient satisfaction scores
  • Decreases cost of care

Joint Coordinator

This module provides the joint coordinator with training and tools needed to effectively execute their roles and responsibilities and meet performance goals.

  • Defines specific roles and responsibilities
  • Establishes goals and objectives
  • Provides tools and templates

Periop Modules

Case Scheduling and Equipment

This module implements policies and procedures that decrease variability and increase dependability in scheduling surgical cases and fulfilling case cart requirements.

  • Decreases time between cases
  • Improves patient arrival times
  • Increases preference card accuracy
  • Increases case cart accuracy
  • Improves intraoperative time
  • Improves staff satisfaction
  • Increases block utilization

Optimize Preoperative Process

This module ensures that patients are optimized prior to arriving day of surgery so that disruptions, delays, and cancellations are minimized.

  • Enhances patient flow from surgeon’s office to day of surgery
  • Aligns surgeon, anesthesia, and OR team expectations
  • Improves patient communication and expectations
  • Increases % of charts completed
  • Decreases day of surgery cancellations
  • Decreases day of surgery delays
  • Improves first case on-time starts
  • Increases surgeon, anesthesia, and OR team satisfaction

Patient Flow

This module optimizes the perioperative environment to improve procedures and create capacity for additional cases.

  • Defines patient flow from preoperative through PACU
  • Establishes common goals and actions across perioperative team members
  • Improves perioperative team proficiency
  • Decreases unnecessary “waste” during the procedure
  • Improves turnover time between cases
  • Improves overall intraoperative time
  • Increases capacity for additional surgical cases
  • Increases room utilization

Metrics and Infrastructure

This module establishes a culture of accountability and teamwork to enable continuous process improvement.

  • Establishes team infrastructure
  • Defines performance metrics and reporting
  • Aligns goals across all key stakeholders

Growth Modules

Disease-Specific Care Certification

This module provides a proven methodology and process for achieving Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care Certification for Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement.
The benefits include:

  • Establishes the Joint Commission DSC project timeline
  • Defines core performance metrics
  • Defines clinical practice guidelines
  • Accelerates the applications process
  • Prepares objectives and documentation for Joint Commission site visit
  • Develops site visit presentations
  • Achieves Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care Certification

Building Volume

This module quantifies the opportunity in the market and defines the strategy and plan for volume growth across consumers, referral sources, payers and employers.

  • Defines the current market share and growth opportunity
  • Determines the competitive threats and opportunities in the market
  • Differentiates the program brand and brand messaging
  • Develops the marketing strategy and plan for growth across all customers
  • Provides the templates and tools to accelerate time to market


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