Hospital Systems

Accelero Health Partners offers a comprehensive set of orthopedic solutions designed for individual hospitals or hospital systems.  These solutions are tailored for your specific need and are designed to address the areas that will yield the greatest benefit to your program.

Solutions for Health Systems and Hospital Networks

The majority of hospitals are now part of a system of care providers that work together to coordinate and deliver a broad spectrum of services to their community.  Many of these systems have come together via acquisition, combining differing systems or approaches to the same issues.  The result is an inconsistent level of care or duplicity of offerings.  With that in mind, Accelero offers a portfolio of solutions specifically for multi-hospital systems.

Centers of Excellence

Creating highly efficient and effective processes and driving surgical patients one facility in a region designated as a Center of Excellence will improve physician satisfaction and the reputation of both the facility and system.

Total Joint Program

Ideal for a regional health system, the Total Joint Program is a comprehensive analysis of two hospitals combined with a data analysis of up to eight other hospitals.  Our experts will analyze every aspect of the program and provide you with a plan to enhance or add new processes and policies to make your hospitals both efficiency and consistent in the care they offer.  You can then take these enhancements or enlist Accelero to institute them across your entire hospital system.  Doing so will eliminate the variability of care and resulting patient satisfaction scores from tarnishing your network’s overall reputation.


For health systems and hospital networks that are already knowledgeable about their metrics, Accelero offers a benchmark comparison.  This service enables you to benchmark your individual hospital programs against the rest of the market to determine determine your strengths and weaknesses.  We can also perform a deeper dive of the data and show you where little changes can make a big difference to your overall results.

See the success stories and white papers below to learn how Accelero can help all of the hospitals in your system to be market leaders.

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