Due to the complex nature of the musculoskeletal system, diseases and disorders can be difficult to diagnose–often requiring one or more specialists. Treatment of musculoskeletal disorders can take many forms, both surgical and non-surgical in nature.  Patients often trust their primary care physician to help them navigate the appropriate care path, one step at a time.  As a result, the process can become drawn out, discouraging patients and resulting in a higher cost of care.

Accelero offers a comprehensive musculoskeletal program that is designed not only to evaluate the service line as a whole, but to create differentiation in the market.  Alternatively, we offer indvidual solutions for the following sub-specialties:

Because fewer and fewer hospitals are stand alone, Accelero also has a complete set of solutions for Hospital Systems, and specifically VA Hospitals.

Accelero Health Partners can help your hospital or hospital system to create market-leading musculoskeletal services that provide efficient and effective care.  Patients are diagnosed sooner and provided with a clear path of care to ensure timely treatment with fewer readmissions.

Download our brochure, Transforming Orthopedic Programs > Creating competitive advantage in a changing healthcare environment, here.

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