Starting Your First Case On Time, Every Time

An important step to a more efficient operating day is to ensure the first case starts on time, every time.  When the operating day is delayed, the remaining schedule often follows suit, resulting in longer days, staff dissatisfaction and, potentially, fewer surgeries.  Adhering to a standardized process for first case starts can result in additional cases, increasing surgeon and hospital payments by 25% or more.

Late First Start = WASTED TIME

Click the above document to review or download

Click the above document “Starting Your First Case On Time, Every Time” to review or download.

The mean percentage of all orthopedic first cases starting on time is 70%.  That means that nearly one-third of orthopedic surgical days are late.  Those late starts can be the difference of one less surgery for that operating room day.  The three most prevalent reasons for late first case starts are:

  • Incomplete patient preparation–only healthy patients that have been properly optimized should be considered for the a ‘first case lot.”
  • Inefficient scheduling–case scheduling must be as predictable as possible.
  • Lack of a standard process–although most hospitals have processes, seldom are the all inclusive of staff, properly documented and/or followed.

Long-term Success

Accelero’s benchmark for first case on-time starts is 95%.  To achieve this benchmark requires guidelines for the first case slot, universal patient optimization, efficient scheduling and adherence to a standardized process.  In addition, the leaders all pursue continuous improvement.  They measure performance and offer rewards when goals are achieved.  Over time, this mindset becomes ingrained in their business.

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