Room Turnover, Everyone’s Favorite Subject

When surgeons or the hospital look at operating room efficiency, the most identifiable area of concern is downtime or room turnover time.  The definition of room turnover varies depending on who you ask.  The true definition is, “patient out to next patient in, same room, and same surgeon” or the total time the room is not being utilized for patient care.  The average room turnover time for total joint replacements from the Accelero hospital database is 30 minutes.

Barriers to Efficient Room Turnover

Minimizing Room Turnover Time

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The number one reason for extended room turnover times is the lack of a defined process.  Ensuring everyone know what they are to do and when improves predictability and reduces variability for a shorter room turnover.

Creating an effective process requires collaboration between staff, management, nursing, surgeons and anesthesiology.  The process Accelero uses consists of:

  • Gather stakeholders and review the current state from patient out to next patient in
  • Video record the turnover process and review it with the group
  • Create a process map of tasks and timing for each position from housekeeping to the surgeon
  • Train the entire staff so the process is consistent for all
  • Measure the results and alter the process as appropriate to ensure effectiveness.

The Impact of Shorter Room Turnovers

Reduced room turnover times are critical to improve OR efficiency, staff morale, surgeon satisfaction and surgical throughput.  Time savings vary, but can mean the difference between three or four surgeries per day, dramatically impacting hospital and surgeon revenue

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