Patient In to Incision — Recapturing Hidden Lost Time

Patient In to Incision refers to the elapsed time between the patient arriving in the OR and the surgeon performing the first incision and can also be thought of as the patient prep time.  This time is part of the procedure time and often overlooked when evaluating OR efficiency.

Hidden Lost Time

When Accelero looks at perioperative efficiency, our Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts break down the procedures into incremental elements and analyze them separately.  This gives us the ability to identify variability between procedures and/or surgeons.  This variability represents a ‘hidden’ opportunity, and can equal 10 minutes or more per procedure.  Dramatically reducing the variability can result in one additional surgery per day.

Listen to the Audiocast

Click the following link to listen to our brief audiocast describing how you can, Recapture Hidden Lost Time.  

To listen to it later, right clicking the link and save it to your device or download the file by clicking here and saving the file: Patient In to Incision – Recapturing Hidden Lost Time.

Tips to Recapture Lost Time

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your Patient In to Incision time, including:

  • Understand that it exists.  Looking at Patient In to Incision as a distinct time element will make you and your surgical team conscious of it.
  • Track it.  Only by tracking Patient In to Incision time can you understand where your variability lies and look to reduce it.
  • Collaborate.  Including team members in the analysis and process review will help you to create efficient processes that all members will adhere to.
  • Train.  Train your team members to adhere to time saving processes.
  • Monitor.  Monitor the result and use the new elemental time in your scheduling so you can achieve greater capacity.

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