The Need for Joint Replacement Patient Optimization

Pay for performance is a hot topic in healthcare today.  To be effective in this environment requires care improvements that will positively impact outcomes–including length of stay, patient satisfaction and complication rate.  Because care providers have options, it is important to identify opportunities with the greatest benefit to your program within your unique criteria — project scope, resources and/or budget.

Preopertive Readiness

Click the above document to review or download

Click the above document “Patient Optimization for Joint Replacement Patients” to review or download.

Leading orthopedic programs have identified preoperative readiness as a high impact area.  Preoperative readiness is a comprehensive approach that ensures patients are fully engaged, for better outcomes.


Most programs have some form of education.  The key is to consistently educate both patients and coaches throughout the continuum of care to keep patients involved and aware of next steps.

Patient selection

Patient selection goes hand-in-hand with optimization to not just limit the patient population, but to also identify those candidates that can become good candidates.

Patient optimization

Proper patient optimization will consistently ensure high quality outcomes.  It requires taking a proactive approach to help patients be both mentally and physically prepared for surgery.

Long-term Success

Accelero’s benchmark for first case on-time starts is 95%.  To achieve this benchmark requires guidelines for the first case slot, universal patient optimization, efficient scheduling and adherence to a standardized process.  In addition, the leaders all pursue continuous improvement.  They measure performance and offer rewards when goals are achieved.  Over time, this mindset becomes ingrained in their business.

Listen to the Audiocast

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