How to Harness the Power of Culture to Drive Change

The healthcare environment today is dynamic and always moving.  Driving positive change, and getting it to stick, is crucial to meet that demand.

Failing to address culture = Failure of implementing change

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Most individuals in an organization will want things to change.  Yet the majority of change initiatives will fail to deliver lasting improvements

  • Lack of a defined process for the change
  • Omission of clear goals of the change
  • Failing to involve the correct stakeholders in designing the new process
  • Lack of accountability or transparency to the results

Long-term Success

Accelero Health Partners’ process is simple, easy to understand, involves all relevant stakeholders and will drive sustainable change.

Division Lead Tim Sweeten and Senior Product Lead Mike May discuss the current situation many hospitals find themselves in, and provide very specific, step by step guides for implementing an improved process in your perioperative services.

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