Accelero has created a collection of succinct audiocasts intended to give you valuable insight into issues affecting orthopedic programs today.  Each program is less than 10 minutes and includes information that you can begin using immediately.  Click on the topic(s) of interest below to learn more.

  • Starting Your First Case On Time, Every Time.  An important step to a more efficient operating day is to ensure the first case starts on time, every time.  When the operating day is delayed, the remaining schedule often follows suit, resulting in longer days, staff dissatisfaction and, potentially, fewer surgeries.  Adhering to a standardized process for first case starts can result in additional cases, increasing surgeon and hospital payments by 25% or more.
  • Patient In to Incision–Recapturing Hidden Lost Time.  Patient In to Incision refers to the elapsed time between the patient arriving in the OR and the surgeon performing the first incision and can also be thought of as the patient prep time.  This time is part of the procedure time and often overlooked when evaluating OR efficiency.
  • Trends in Length of Stay for Joint Replacement Patients.  Total joint replacement patients are spending less time in the hospital post operatively.  There are a number of things orthopedic programs can do to improve care and shorten the length of stay for joint replacement patients.
  • The Need for Joint Replacement Patient Optimization.  To be effective in a pay for performance environment requires care improvements that will positively impact outcomes–including length of stay, patient satisfaction and complication rate.  Because care providers have options, it is important to identify opportunities with the greatest benefit within your constraints.
  • Care Redesign to Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes.  Healthcare providers are being challenged to lower their cost of care.  Becoming more efficient is only part of the solution.  Improving outcomes and reducing readmissions are equally important.  It requires a well-defined plan.

Check back often to hear the newest editions.


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