Musculoskeletal Service Line

  • Our musculoskeletal program is designed not only to evaluate the service line as a whole, but to apply our expertise to create strategies addressing each individual product line and those disciplines that support them. Hospitals and physician practices benefit from Accelero’s proven experience and expertise in the following areas:

Program Benefits

Accelero has been delivering sustainable competitive advantages to hospitals and physicians across the country since 1998. Whether its community hospitals or academic medical centers, urban markets or rural markets, market leaders or market takers; our musculoskeletal program has delivered measurable results in a variety of settings and markets. You will benefit from our in-depth experience gained from working with over 250 health care organizations across the country. Simply stated, our musculoskeletal service line program:

  • Creates distinction and captures volume through a comprehensive marketing strategy and execution plan.
  • Differentiates the patient experience to increase customer retention and patient satisfaction.
  • Improves the patient outcomes that impact reimbursement and consumer reputation.
  • Standardizes care processes and increases operational efficiency to improve the care delivery and financial margin.
  • Enhances hospital and physician relationships through a collaborative program structure.
  • Drives change through multi-disciplinary clinical and operational teams.
  • Delivers results in care, financial margin, and volume performance metrics.

Program Assessment

  • The strength of our engagement model is gaining an understanding of where you are today. Once we have completed the assessment of your current situation and market opportunities, we design a customized plan to prioritize the strategies and tactics to create market differentiation, grow the business, improve the patient experience and outcomes, and increase the financial margin.

Defining the Market

Each market has its own unique dynamics and stakeholders. We perform a custom evaluation of the market forces and data to determine your market position, define the opportunities, and leverage current strengths. This allows us to provide you with a clear direction on what your musculoskeletal service line program needs to create differentiation and achieve growth in your defined market.

Assessing the Performance

After working with over 250 musculoskeletal programs, we know the clinical and operational factors that improve patient care and increase financial margins. We run your data through our OrthoVal® business intelligence tool to identify where the opportunities exist, and define the key factors that drive performance trends and variation.

Conducting Interviews and Observation

Accelero’s team of experts will conduct an on-site evaluation of the musculoskeletal service line. During the site visit, the Accelero team will obtain information and insights from the key players that impact the performance of the musculoskeletal service line. This includes, but is not limited to the following individuals:
Senior hospital administration.
Musculoskeletal surgeons and physicians.
Key clinical and operational staff (e.g. nursing, rehabilitation, finance, marketing).
Referring physicians in the defined service area.

Evaluating Effectiveness and Maturity

Accelero has defined seven Success Factors that are the key to effectively managing the service line. The success factors reveal where your strengths and opportunities reside, and importantly, the strategies and tactics needed to drive advancement and improvement in each area.

Developing the Plan and Presenting the Results

The information is combined into a Service Line Development Plan designed to provide both insights and direction. Based on key findings, our expert team will develop a service line plan that creates market differentiation, grows the business, improves the patient experience and outcomes, and increases the financial margin. Accelero will produce a written development plan and recommendations for delivery to hospital senior administration and designated physicians. The Accelero team will return for one site visit to present the results.

Program Implementation

  • Ultimately the outcome for a service line that is not only better, but different comes through implementation. You cannot transform something as complex as a service line without great attention to detail. The Accelero team provides direction and discipline; helping your teams to achieve a quicker time to benefit and to avoid costly missteps.

Onsite Interaction

A sustained onsite presence with your team is a key factor to program success. Each Accelero partner is assigned a team who will be onsite regularly to work side-by-side with your service line team. This interaction helps educate our partners, gain an understanding of internal dynamics, and implement the processes that are necessary to achieve results.

Project Team Facilitation

We create interdisciplinary teams to carry out the execution of initiatives. We help facilitate these teams to ensure the project stays on task and share our experience from doing this successfully time and time again.

Resource Experts

Accelero deploys its diverse set of subject matter experts to assist in managing specific areas pertaining to the service line. We leverage their knowledge and utilize them when specific challenges need to be addressed. Examples include physician engagement, marketing and branding, clinical outcomes, customer service, and industry and regulatory intelligence.

Stakeholder Relationships

Developing strong relationships between administration, staff, and physicians is critical to the foundation of a successful program. We ensure all key stakeholders are included in decisions that impact the service line, and the relationship between those individuals is built upon the sharing of ideas.

Project Management Tools

Implementation of service line initiatives across multiple teams requires discipline, organization, and accountability. Accelero provides team leaders with the tools necessary to plan, organize, and manage project tasks and resources to bring about the successful completion of service line goals and objectives.

Performance Management Tools

OrthoVal® reports and dashboards enable Accelero partners to qualify and quantify opportunities with their key performance metrics. The information is organized to immediately identify key performance marker variances and quickly identify the first line cause of the variance. Whether it is care, margin, or volume, our partners are proactively evaluating and changing to keep ahead of their market competitors.

Performance Reporting

Accelero will present program progress and performance on a regular basis. We will present the key strategic and tactical requirements to advance the program’s performance, and identify the barriers to improvement.