Hip Fracture Advantage

  • Become the provider of choice for Hip Fracture Services through a program that addresses the entire care continuum, creates market differentiation and maintains a positive bottom line.
  • Drive measurable results through a proven approach to improving care, increasing financial margin and growing volume for hip fracture services.
  • Avoid costly missteps and accelerate your time to market through a team of experts who provide on-site expertise and guidance to clinical and operational leaders.

Our Hip Fracture program is delivered over a six to nine month period. Accelero’s team of experts will be on-site to develop the plan, guide the implementation and deliver the results.

Develop Program Structure

An effective program structure is essential to getting work done and achieving goals. It means having the right people in the room with the right information to make decisions. Accelero works with the operational and clinical team leaders to define the right structure for each program initiative. Keys to an effective program structure include:

  • Commitment from the hospital leaders.
  • Involvement of key physicians in decisions.
  • Assignment of program coordinator.
  • Development of marketing & prevention sub teams.
  • Development of multidisciplinary operations team.

Enhance the Patient Care Processes

A well coordinated patient experience is paramount in developing a competitive hip fracture program. In Accelero’s experience, well coordinated processes coupled with education result in improved outcomes and high patient and physician satisfaction. Keys to operational areas of focus include:

  • Emergency department.
  • Operating room.
  • Nursing unit.
  • Rehabilitation services.
  • Discharge planning.
  • Post-acute care.

Implement a Disease Management Approach

Diseases like osteoporosis and osteopenia are well known contributors to fractures that require early diagnosis and self-management. With that in mind, Accelero’s disease management approach seeks to incorporate a system of coordinated diagnostic techniques and therapies, curriculum of patient and family education and communication channels to identify and care for those who are at high risk for fractures and re-fractures.

Improve and Promote Patient Outcomes

Avoiding reoccurring fractures and getting patients back to their daily activities and routines are key measures of success in a fragility fracture program. Accelero works with fracture care providers to achieve patient outcomes results through preventive assessment tools, patient education and disease management approach.

Develop Community Outreach Programs

Community outreach plays an important role in establishing the program as the leader for hip fracture services in the region. Accelero takes a comprehensive approach to preventive education and outreach by offering a series of assessment tools, education programs and marketing materials.

  • Assessment tools.
  • Falls prevention campaign.
  • Early intervention program.
  • Skilled nursing education.
  • Ambulance services assessment.
  • Marketing materials tool kit.

Balance the Performance Goals

A disciplined program must simultaneously balance goals in three areas: patient care, financial margin and volume. Progress and results are tracked and reported in each of these three areas using Accelero’s service line intelligence tools and dashboard reports.