Fun at Accelero–Take Your Child to Work

Taking a Tour of the OFFIce

Taking a Tour of the OFFIce


Hello everyone, welcome to our day of learning! Today, Accelero Health Partners hosted Blake, Tyler, Riley, Jake, Shepherdm Victoria, and Chase.

What we Learned

Accelero was established in 1998. It’s original name was Human Motion Institute. (HMI)  In 2005, Zimmer, a world class company bought us.  More recently, in 2015, Zimmer bought Biomet.

Who we Met

We met Gary R., Ginette B., Greg T., Lori F.,  David S., Earl O., Ed W., Michelle B., Joe T., and Jen F.

What we Ate

Breakfast: Doughnuts and Orange Juice

Lunch: Pizza, Sierra Mist, and Diet Pepsi


Accelero Health Partners  117 VIP Drive,  Wexford, Pennsylvania

Time and Date

April 23, 2015 from 9 A.M. to 12:30 A.M.

Making this Webpage

Making this Webpage


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