Program Management

Hospitals that have a formal and functional infrastructure for their orthopedic programs have better:

  • Physician satisfaction and alignment
  • Patient outcomes
  • Throughput

To effectively run a high performing orthopedic program requires the proper framework and tools necessary to get the work done and meet performance goals.  It means having the right people in the room with the right information to make decisions.


Accelero works with the hospital management, staff and physicians to define the proper structure for each element of the program.  As a result, a formal leader is identified along with an operations team representing various departments, including the surgeons.  As a result, decisions can be made more quickly with the support of hospital leadership.

that represent the interests there is a commitment from leadership, surgeons are involved in decision making, and a formaRequirements and benefits gained for the service or product line include:

Performance Reviews

Once your program is operating at a high level, we provide the tools and support necessary to keep it there. Accelero will work with you on an ongoing basis, either onsite or remotely.  We will present the key strategic and tactical requirements for advancing the program performance, and identify any barriers to improvement.

Benchmarking Tools

As part of our management program, hospitals are given access to our proprietary hospital database and business intelligence engine, which allows us to track and benchmark your key performance indicators against hospitals across the country and in your region.  Customizable dashboards make it easy for management to see program metrics and trends.  It enables users to quickly identify the cause of declining metrics and take the required action in a timely manner.

We help hospitals to be proactive in their approach to maintain their position in their respective markets.  See what our customers are saying or learn more about the benefits of working with Accelero.

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