Cost of Care

Healthcare costs continue to rise at an alarming rate.  Orthopedics is no exception.  Using our knowledge experts Accelero will help to ensure your facility offers high quality care at a reasonable cost, to ensure your bottom line is sound.

Improve Care

The first key to containing the cost of care is to ensure you are providing quality care.  Our clinical experts review and improve your processes inorder to reduce complications, readmissions and, ultimately, the amount of care required.


Planning for discharge starts at check in.  Our experts work with you to improve your acute care processes and procedures to keep your patients on track.  Doing so can mean one less day in the hospital.  Furthermore, our lean certified perioperative team works to reduce time spent in the OR, often adding the capability for another surgery or multiple surgeries per day for those surgeons using multiple operating rooms.

Payment Models

As knowledge experts in orthopedics and industry trends, Accelero will help you to optimize your programs to suite various payment models, including pay for performance plans such as bundled payments or gain sharing.  We also can help you to improve and manage your metrics to make the most of Value Based Purchasing.

We help you to balance your care and cost to provide value to your customers while ensuring financial stability.


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