Accelero Helps Swedish Hospital to Improve Joint Replacement Efficiency

PHILADELPHIA, October 21, 2014. In early October, a delegation from Södersjukhuset, a large academic hospital in Stockholm, Sweden spent a week in the United States with the goal of improving their joint replacement perioperative efficiency. The visiting delegation consisted of an orthopaedic surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating theatre director, operating theatre nurse and two nurse anesthetists. The visit was part of the hospital’s partnership with Accelero Health Partners to improve their joint replacement services.SoS-Photo-1-387X251

Jan Hultburg, Senior Key Account Manager for Zimmer Sweden describes the initial engagement with Accelero. “In December of 2013, Accelero Health Partners performed an analysis of the joint replacement services at Södersjukhuset. Accelero made recommendations that the hospital began to implement but it was clear that further guidance from Accelero was needed. That is when we started discussing the trip to the United States”.

During their week in the US, the group from Södersjukhuset spent time with the Accelero team watching video of their current first case, ‘patient in room’ to ‘incision’ and turnover processes. Tim Sweeten, Senior Director of Perioperative Services at Accelero describes the off-site work that was performed. “Together we worked through both the logistical and political issues that had been preventing them from making improvements in key perioperative processes. It was a real pleasure to work with them and be a part of their success.”

As part of the visit, it was important for the group to see these perioperative efficiencies firsthand. This was done at Aria 3B Orthopaedic Institute, where they observed the highly efficient joint replacement perioperative processes of Dr. Robert Booth and his team. The group at Zimmer Tri-State was instrumental in organizing this part of the visit. Matt Nickolas, a Regional Director at Accelero that works with Södersjukhuset commented on the observation of Dr. Booth’s processes. “Watching the collaboration between Dr. Booth, anesthesia and all of the staff to drive OR efficiency was the most important takeaway for the group from Södersjukhuset. Seeing the emphasis that Dr. Booth puts on constant improvement in performance also left a big impression on the group”.

The group from Södersjukhuset will take back all that they have learned and observed during their visit and will begin to implement these processes in their operating theatres. Accelero will continue to work with Södersjukhuset to refine the processes during a site visit to Sweden in early December.

Christian Inngul, one of the joint arthroplasty surgeons at Södersjukhuset was with the team for the week and commented; “This is the first time we have sat down and spoke with each other to understand how each of our actions impact the others. We would not have been able to do this on our own. It was extremely valuable to work with Accelero to work out our own processes.”

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